This week we’re listing some of the things that we have seen change or develop in our lifetime.

I’m getting on a bit now, and so jumped at the chance to share what has changed since I was a child:

  1.  I remember pre-decimalisation currency – yes, the old pounds, shillings and pence.  It took me ages to get used to the new coinage in 1971!
  2. Colour televisions didn’t really appear until 1973.  We had a black and white TV set until I was about 16.
  3. Microwave ovens were not around until my eldest son was a baby.  When I was a child my mum heated up dinners in the gas oven and hoped they didn’t dry out.
  4. I remember being taken to a room filled with a huge machine in a college when I was about 15 and told it was one computer! Yes, computer technology has improved in leaps and bounds since then.
  5. Dishwashers – who would have thought that private households would have such a thing?  Back in the 1960s Mum washed up dirty crockery at the sink!
  6. What has also changed is the amount of cars on the road.  As a child we played in the roads, because there was much less traffic.  Now you’d get knocked over in no time.
  7. Children’s freedom has declined nowadays because of the increased risk of paedophiles.  I played outside for hours in the 1960s with no thought of having to watch out for paedophiles / perverts.
  8. The proliferation of junk food outlets started in earnest around the mid 1970s.  Now we’re paying the price of increased waistlines, diabetes, joint pains, and goodness knows what else.
  9. Another proliferation – CCTV cameras.  The average person is caught on camera about 300 times every day now.  Big Brother is watching…
  10. If I wanted to read a book in the 1960s I’d go to the library or buy one from a book shop.  Now you can read books online and buy them without even stepping outside your front door!
  11. Health & Safety rules at work and leisure have improved over the years, which is a good thing.
  12. As a music-mad teenager I bought vinyl LP’s or singles for my record player.  Now you can buy and download music online and listen to it via CDs, MP3 players, iPods and iPads etc.  The downside of this is that many record shops have closed down.
  13. Treatments for common diseases have improved. We are all living longer. Cancer is no longer a death sentence for some.

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