1.  Melissa Donovan gives 42 fiction writing tips:


2.  Thanks to Book Marketing Tools for this guide for authors on attracting media attention:


3.  Megan Morgan answers one of the questions that people ask authors:

Show, Don’t Tell

4. The Content Fair gives 10 best writing tips from Stephen King:

10 Best Writing Tips From Stephen King

5.  Thanks to Suzanne Bowditch for these 5 tips to deal with writer’s block:


6.  Alison Baverstock gives 10 marketing tips for self-published authors:


7.  Myths of the Mirror gives 7 steps to a user-friendly blog:

7 Steps to a User-Friendly Blog

8.  Don Massenzio writes about the ending of a book:


9.  Rachel Poli gives advice on writing about characters with unique sensory quirks:

How To Write Characters With Unique Sensory Quirks

10.  Here’s a good one from Libro Editing – irrupt or erupt?

irrupt or erupt?

Thanks to Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Suzanne Bowditch, Retired? No-one Told Me! Don Massenzio, and How To EBook for the re-blogs.