Off to the lovely Isle of Wight again for most of the next two weeks, so this will be my last post for a while apart from the usual (scheduled) Open Book Blog Hop on Monday.  Back again at my desk to catch up on Sunday 10th September. x


1.  Anne R. Allen gives advice on author etiquette and writes down 12 laws of the Amazon jungle:

Online Author Etiquette: 12 Laws of the Amazon Jungle…

2.  Hugh’s Views & News gives 71 ways to slowly kill your blog:

71 Ways To Slowly Kill Your Blog

3.  Carrie Rubin warns us against giving books away:

Why I’ll Never Run Another Goodreads Giveaway Again … Probably … Maybe

4.  Top 5 reasons your book is rejected from publishing by Kobo Writing Life:

Top 5 Reasons Books Are Rejected From Publishing on KWL

5.  Thanks to The Page Turner for details of this ‘Authors Talk About It’ writing competition:

6.  Look out for Yecheilyah’s book review awards later in the year:

Yecheilyah’s Book Review Awards 2017

7.  Sacha Black gives details (and date change) of the 2018 Bloggers Bash:

8.  Join Sally Cronin’s end of summer party!

9.  Bridget Whelan gives advice on what constitutes a short story:

WHAT IS A SHORT STORY? Writing Article Number 2 from the Archive

Thanks to  Chris, the Story Reading Ape, D. G Kaye, OIKOS -Redaktion, and Jean M. Cogdell for the re-blogs.