For Sam’s 60th birthday I was lucky enough to get VIP tickets to the Freddie Mercury and Queen exhibition of photographs taken on various tours in the 1970s and 1980s by their official photographer Denis O’Regan, which are being displayed across the UK in various BMW showrooms.  Denis was also there to answer questions and tell us some funny and risqué stories about what it was like touring with the band.  We were encouraged to take as many photos as we wanted and even pose for selfies with Freddie (which we did as you can see).

Here are a few of Denis’ photos for your delectation and delight.  Apart from the selfies of Sam and I, the chap dressed as Superman was Freddie’s bodyguard at the time.  My favourite one is of Freddie in a rock stance wearing his famous yellow jacket.  Thanks to Denis O’Regan, the Offbeat crew, and BMW for the food and drink, and the chance to see these great photos of a band that we’ll never see the like of again.

Thankfully Queen are still touring with singer and frontman Adam Lambert, and we shall be off to see them in December.