This week the topic is ‘Things that you want to see change in your industry’.

As I view writing as a hobby, I will write instead about the industry that I work in – the NHS.  I started working in my local NHS hospital in 2002, and so I’ll list the changes that I want to see happen there:

    • Two whole wards have closed since 2002, denying 72 patients a hospital bed.  I would like to see those wards re-opened again instead of being used for storage.
    • Car parking fees have risen substantially since I began working at the hospital.  I’d like for there to be no car park fees for staff or visitors.
    • Most staff have to park their cars a mile away (it’s free) and either walk in or catch the shuttle bus.  I’d like to see some of the original staff car parks reinstated, which have all been given over to patients and visitors, who of course have to pay higher parking charges (staff who are allowed to park at the hospital get a discount).
    • I’d like to see less managers in the offices and more nurses on the wards. The nurses who are there are harassed and stressed due to overwork.
    • I’d like to see more secretaries in the offices.  The ones who are there are also harassed and stressed due to overwork (I chose to return a grade lower because I didn’t want or need all the stress of having to do mountains of admin, organising doctors’ annual leave, and answering the phone constantly whilst trying to keep up with the Government’s 3 day target for sending hundreds of typed clinic letters out).
    • I’d like to see some proper geriatric wards built, so that there is not a constant bed shortage.  Elderly people make up the majority of hospital admissions, and there should be proper provision for them.  If we don’t die young, then we are going to grow old and frail and need hospital care.  It’s a fact of life.
    • I’d like doctors to dictate clinic letters slowly and clearly, and not yawn, eat, gabble or mumble as they’re dictating, or assume we all know to whom they want the letter sent (“Send this to everybody” is a good example of what I’ve had in the past!).
    • I’d like the NHS to be more about patient care and less about money.

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