Thanks to Gemini Adams at ‘Finish Your Book’ for this helpful information on obtaining book reviews.

Finish Your Book

Book promotion and publicity used to be about securing pre-publication reviews in national newspapers and relevant magazines. Now there are literally thousands of media channels, and often highly targeted niche ones, where you can get your book attention, thanks to the plethora of internet bloggers.

The good news is that they are also hungry for relevant content; meaning products and people who are going to appeal to their audience.

Reaching out to bloggers who cover your genre and subject is a great way to get your book noticed, and, unlike newspapers and magazines, these reviews or author interviews never get trashed, and they can often earn you valuable backlinks to your website which will help promote traffic (ask the blogger to include a url link to your website somewhere in the review/interview — this is what’s known as a backlink). And, typically you can get your book reviewed well…

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