1.  L C W Allingham advises on things you learn when you’re a writer:


2.  Thanks to Writing nore for this blog regarding active and passive voice:

Active vs passive voice in writing

3. Thanks to Chris McMullen for this info regarding CreateSpace:


4.  Thanks to Dale Lehman at Indies Unlimited for these 4 ways to hone your writing:


5.  Hugh’s Views & News wonders if it’s time to turn off blog comments:

Is it time to turn off comments on your blog?

6.  Author Marketing Experts give 5 reasons why it’s better being an Indie author:


7.  An interesting take on ghostwriting from Meg Dowell:

Write Your Own Content.


Thanks to Don Massenzio, Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Sylvia Hubbard, and Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie for the re-blogs.