Interesting post from D.E Haggerty on gaining book reviews via ‘Reading Alley.’

D.E. Haggerty

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As an indie writer, I sometimes feel I spend more time researching how to get book reviews and begging for reviews than I do actually writing the books for which I need the reviews! I came upon Reading Alley during one of my gazillion research sessions and decided to give it a try. Reading Alley is similar to many of other review sites: it provides a community of independent reviewers who can submit reviews.

The first thing a writer needs to analyze when deciding whether or not to use a new review website is whether the website violates the Amazon terms and conditions, because Amazon reviews is the end goal after all. At Reading Alley, the reviewers do not receive any monetary benefits, although there is a rewards program. There is also no obligation to post the review on Amazon or any other commercial outlet. This is the important point…

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