1.   Thanks to Reedsy for this info on chapter word counts:  

2.  Thanks to Lemon  Shark for this info on how to embed tweets in your blog post:


3.  Marcia Meara at The Write Stuff asks whether you use a proof-reader or editor:

Authors, do you use editors? Proofreaders? I have a guilty secret… #amwriting #amediting

4.  Taysha Murtaugh at Country Living writes that Hallmark is now accepting submissions:


5.  Thanks to Jean M. Cogdell for this blog explaining the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Want to know which platform is best for you?

6.  Thanks to Doug Lewars on A Writer’s Path for these formatting tips for Smashwords:

Tips For Formatting on Smashwords

7.  Deanna Cabinian gives 4 reasons why she does not use Facebook anymore for book promotion:

Four Reasons I’ve Stopped Using Facebook and Why Other Authors Should Consider It

8.  Good inspirational post for authors by Meg Dowell:

4 People Showed Up to John Green’s First Book Event

9.  Thanks to Susan at Adirondack editing (guest on Chris, the  Story Reading Ape’s blog)for this info on passive voice versus passive verbs:

EDITING 101: 61 – Passive Voice versus Passive Verbs…

Thanks to Marcia Meara, Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Didi Oviatt, Don Massenzio, Nesie’s Place, and Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie for the re-blogs.