Well done Frank!

Dan Alatorre

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A great story deserves a great follow up profile.

This week we’re putting a spotlight on all our contest winners.

A former Engineer who spent most of his working life in England, Frank Parker moved to Ireland upon retirement in 2006. Since then he has attempted to fulfill a long held ambition to write.

Like most people, he began with a few self-indulgent memoir pieces, but quickly discovered an interest in the history of Ireland and began researching and writing about the people and events that shaped the island’s relationship with its neighbor, and with the places to which Irish people migrated.

He lives in the Irish Midlands with Freda, his wife since 1963. Having dabbled in politics during the 1980s, Frank still maintains a strong interest in current events in the UK and elsewhere. This is sometimes reflected in the posts on his website, https://franklparker.com,

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