Authors can share their short stories (less than 2000 words please) or poetry, and it won’t cost you a penny! The stories or poems can be on any subject, but please keep them reasonably family friendly. At the end of every month I will pick my favourite one and share the link in my newsletter and on my Facebook and Twitter pages. I look forward to reading your efforts. Winners will receive the laurel below to add to their story.

There was no winner for December, as there were no contestants!  Fair enough, Christmas came along and you were all busy.  Let’s have another go for January…


Please add a link to your story in the comments section of this blog.  Thank you.  You have until 28th January to submit your stories.  When I have enough winning stories, I will promote them in a free anthology (with the consent of every author involved of course!).

Here’s a seasonal poem I’ve worked on recently:


 Silver tendrils snake along

The shed, the hedge, and over the pond.

Jack Frost’s crept stealthily overnight,

And left on the grass a blanket of white.


A red-breasted robin hops onto a bough,

And catches peanuts as they fall.

Pigeons pecking on the branch above,

Empty the feeder but don’t mind at all,

The icy bath. They splash, unsteady,

And try to pretend it’s August already.


Raking up leaves in coat, scarf and gloves,

I stop in my work and look up above.

The sky is coloured in pink and gold,

The sun is weak

And I feel cold.


Days are short. Summer’s hard to remember

Here in the garden at the end of December.

Christmas lights twinkle as light begins to fade,

Along the winding path that my husband made.

The family arrive, the children run

Into Nanny and Grandad’s house for festive fun.

To open more presents and try to believe

That Santa brought them on Christmas Eve.


I close the door and take one last glance

At the garden, where little lights dance

To break up the dark. The wind blows strong,

The snowflakes flutter,

I shiver a bit, impatient for summer.