Interesting interview from my fellow blog-hopper Aurorawatcherak focusing on health care in the US, which follows on from my own blog a few days’ ago.


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So, I’m interviewing my cousin Rick, a doctor, for this blog hop topic. I admire Rick a lot because he doesn’t just follow the herd in his thinking, but researches and considers before stating his opinion.

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Image result for image of doctors opposed to Medicaid expansionI go by “Rick” on your blog to protect my identity because some of what I have to say is controversial and can result in retaliation within some professional circles. I am married with adult children and grandchildren. I work for a major hospital and I am a researcher in a particular kind of immune system disorder that has a high disability and death rate, but the odds of surviving decades longer have vastly increased due to discoveries and treatments developed by the research team I am a member of…

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