I’ve read many blogs on WordPress regarding increasing our book sales.  Apparently we all need to have a great cover to start with.  However, I beg to differ, as I’m of the opinion that what is printed in-between the front and back covers is more important.  So here is my list of things I look for when buying a book.  They are in no particular order, just as I think of them:

1.  My favourite genres:

I will seek out autobiographies, biographies, psychological suspense, women’s fiction dramas, or novels with a dry wit.

2.  Ratings:

I am usually drawn to those books which have higher ratings.

3.  An interesting blurb that makes me want to read more: 

This will cause me to download a free sample.  If I like what I read I will go on to buy the book.

4.  Good reviews:

Yes I do read a book’s reviews, and nowadays hopefully they are genuine.

5.  The price:

I will pay up to £2.99 for an e-book if it takes my fancy.  Anything more than this…no.  I don’t often buy paperbacks these days as I prefer my Kindle.

6.  Book length:

I am definitely put off by anything more than about 250 pages.

7.  Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation:

I think this is really important.  Any they’re/there/their and your/you’re mistakes is a real turn off for starters, let alone spelling howlers and lack of punctuation.

8. Formatted professionally for Kindle:

I am in the process of getting all my books professionally formatted.  I like to read a professionally formatted book, and therefore I would like my own readers to have the same experience.

9.  Books in my genre that have been recommended to me:

Yes I do take note of those recommendations that Amazon send by email.  Strangely enough they are always just the kind of book I’m looking for!  I have bought many books this way.

10.  A book that is available for purchase on Kindle Unlimited:

I pay a monthly fee in order to be able to obtain a certain number of books on Kindle Unlimited.  Therefore I am more likely to buy a book sporting the Kindle Unlimited logo.

As you can see, a cover doesn’t feature on my list at all.  It can be a brown paper cover for all I care – it’s what’s inside that’s important!  

What do you look for when buying a book?