My husband always reckons that I have been blessed with a third eye.  It’s quite strange, but I never really need to set an alarm clock.  If I need to get up early for work or some other event, I tell myself the day before that I need waking up at a certain time.

Sunday evening I told myself that I needed to get up at 05:50 for work the following day.  Yesterday morning I woke up at 05:48.  Weird isn’t it?

Do you believe there’s a third eye that we don’t know about which oversees our sleeping forms and amongst other things checks the time?  I’ve had this advantage all my life and am quite used to it now, but I do set the alarm as a backup.  However, 99% of the time I will wake up before it goes off.

I also seem to be blessed with good intuitive skills – perhaps that’s the third eye again which is looking into the future for me and letting me know unconsciously what to expect.  My sons would always insist that I had eyes in the back of my head, as I just seemed to know what they were getting up to (although perhaps every mother has this skill?)!

It’s a good thing I do have a third eye, as the two I do know about are quite myopic.  I also seem to have settled down to working permanently in the Eye Clinic at the hospital.  I’m learning new things about our eyes every day, and also the effect that various medications can have on the eyes.  I also found the cure for my own sore right eye was quite often prescribed for others as I typed away at the clinic letters; Hylo Forte preservative free drops – great stuff to keep the windows to the soul moisturised!