Sharing this as it sounds a good idea.

Author -Carole Parkes

After a discussion in a Facebook author group in late November, I decided to start a co-promotion group called the Tweeting Co-Promotion Group. Not very original, but it says what we do. We’ve been operating just 2 months and have 51 members.

We are not a re-tweeting group. It works like this: you add 4 of your own tweets to the group’s TWEET document and all other participating members copy and paste them, then post them in a tweet.

The tweets you add to the document remain in place until you want to update them. Every member with tweets on the document has to post 4 tweets for every other member weekly. At the moment we have 12 members using the document, so that’s only 48 tweets in a week. Most of our generous members are posting well over 100 a week for their fellow authors.

It’s a great way…

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