Do sounds remind you of events or places?  I’ve made a list below of sounds that when I hear them, always take me back to somewhere else:

  1.  I’ve only got to hear a car alarm in the street, and I’m back on the Isle of Wight ferry.  As soon as the ferry starts up, there’s always a car alarm that goes off.
  2. A wood pigeon’s coo will take me back to the 1970’s and to the balcony of my parents’ flat in South London, where what appeared to be the same pigeon always nested there year after year.
  3. Every time I hear Big Ben chime on the TV I’m back standing on the  Embankment on New Year’s Eve waiting for the fireworks.
  4. The sound of a wood fire crackling in the grate makes me think of  Christmas.
  5. When I hear the song ‘Unchained Melody’ sung by the Righteous Brothers I’m back inside the tomography machine.  I gave them a CD to play during my radiotherapy, and they always played side one and never side two!  ‘Unchained Melody’ was number one on side one.  The staff were all young and they loved the song!
  6. Any song by Nirvana  always makes me think of our eldest son Leon’s ‘challenging’ teenage years.
  7. When I hear the sound of ripened wheat blowing in the breeze it makes me think of my home in  Suffolk.
  8. The buzz of an amplifier turned up loud will always remind me of the years spent driving our youngest son Marcus to gigs, when he played lead guitar with his band.
  9. The 07:00 pips and news on Radio 4 reminds me of my mother.
  10. Any song by Supertramp will always remind me of my courting days with Sam back in 1979.
  11. When I hear the cry that Tarzan makes, it’s not the film I think of, it’s the wave machine in Center Parcs at Elveden Forest!

Can you add some of your own to my list?