I saw a post on The Militant Negro’s blog  by  The Average South African about the 30 things she has learned in her 30 years of living.  This gave me an idea to carry on from the age of 30 and give a list of 30 things I have learned from the ages of 30 – 60 (I am aged 60 now). They are in no particular order, just as I think of them:

  1. You only get one body and you cannot get away from it, so eat plenty of fresh vegetables to give yourself the best chance of a healthy old age.
  2. You are not old just because you have turned 30 or even 40.
  3. Understand that your children are separate beings with their own thoughts and ideas.  They might even (shock, horror) have a different religious viewpoint to yours.
  4. Help your children to get on the first rung of their chosen career ladder.  One day they’ll thank you for it.
  5. Good news for women – it is possible to feel better after the menopause has ended compared to the years before it started, with the receding of all the hormonal troughs and peaks.  I know I do!
  6. Ladies – when you have sailed through the menopause and you look around and there is your man still sitting in his same old armchair, then be assured that he loves you very much indeed.
  7. Work at your marriage/partnership, and don’t give up at the first signs of conflict.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.
  8. You cannot stop your skin from ageing.  Nobody has found a cure yet. Just accept it.
  9. Everybody dies in the end (yeah, really!), and sooner or later your time will come.  Nobody lives forever.
  10. With age comes great insight into human nature that you don’t have when you’re young.
  11. Problems are better solved if you can get outside and think about them while you are walking in the sunshine.
  12. Life is too short to feel jealous of somebody else’s success. Work on your own success, with the talent(s) you were given.
  13. It’s best to put the mobile phone away and go out and talk to real people.
  14. While you’re out, it’s best to put the mobile phone away and be aware of what’s going on around you.
  15. When you see the beautiful world going on around you, then you’ll realise what you’ve been missing by staring down at your phone.
  16. Face up to illness and don’t be in denial.
  17. Endure unpleasant treatment for your disease, as one day you may find that the disease has vanished.
  18. Don’t listen to stick-thin ‘celebrity’ airheads on TV telling you what you should be wearing.  They are 30 years younger than you, and you will look ridiculous.
  19. Dress with the styles appropriate for your age.  There’s nothing worse than ‘mutton dressed as lamb’.
  20. Enjoy your grandchildren and take them on holiday or out for treats.  They are your reward for all those tough years of parenting.
  21. Treat all your grandchildren the same, although it’s natural that you will have a favourite.
  22. The older you get, the more you have to cope with the deaths of loved ones.  Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles all go before you, and suddenly you are part of the older generation.
  23. Nobody wants to be around somebody who is perpetually miserable and complaining.
  24. Ward off loneliness caused by possible bereavement by joining social clubs relevant to your age.
  25. Learn something new to keep your brain buzzing.
  26. Refrain from harking back to what you looked like and what you could do when you were 30.  It will only make you miserable (see No. 23).
  27. Take part in conversations, but don’t interrupt the flow by butting in and cutting it dead.
  28. Be happy with your body, whatever its shape.  If you really don’t like it, then do something about it.
  29. Look after your money, because everybody wants it.
  30. Make the most of every day.

Perhaps somebody can carry on from age 60?  I’d love to read it!