My thanks go to the following authors/bloggers for these writing tips:

1.  Janice Wald for this info on how to make blogs look more professional:

2.  Erica Verrillo for these 23 calls for submissions in  February:

3.  To ‘But I Smile Anyway’ for these 7 blogging manners:

Blogiquette – 7 Simple Blogging Manners To Adhere By (Well, I think so, anyway!)

4.  Margaret Reid on Mostly Blogging for these 7 ways to make your blog rank higher on Google:

5.  Carole Parkes for these 3 ways for authors to co-promote:

6. Rachel Poli for these February/March writing submissions:

February & March 2018 Writing Submissions

7.  Nicholas Rossis for this info on KDP Print:

8.  To ‘Myths of the Mirror’ for this writing tip:

Writing Tip: Names versus Pronouns

9.  Catia Isabel Silva for these 9 tips on how to improve your writing:

9 Tips to Improve Your Writing

10.  To ‘Author Marketing Experts’ for these 5 ways to gain more reader engagement:

11.  To the ‘Uncensored Writer’ for these 3 things Indie authors should keep in mind:

12.  To Jean M. Cogdell for this info on how to write the best opening scene:

How to write the best opening scene?

13.  To Author Marketing Experts for this info on pricing your e-book: