This is in addition to my blog yesterday about finding inspiration:

I’ve pissed about for months, only writing a few short stories, blogs or poems.  I think all those radiotherapy sessions I had last year had turned my brain to mush.  What’s more, I couldn’t be bothered to start a new novel.  I had a half-hearted attempt to carry on with one I started before being irradiated, but gave up because I couldn’t think of any way to carry on with the plot.

This week I’ve finally snapped out of the funk I’ve been in since May 2017.  I was looking through my old short story collection, Life, and had the idea of extending one of the stories into a novel.  Since then I have been typing away frantically, glad that my muse has returned from where she had been hiding.

So… what’s this all about I hear you ask?  Basically in x number of months I will be looking for ARC readers to cast their expert eyes over my manuscript.  I have added a contact form below in case anybody would like to step forward!

Do fill in the form if you are interested, and sooner or later I will be in contact.

Ta very muchly!

Stevie. x