It’s been about 9 months since my 30 sessions of neck radiotherapy finished, and I’ve been lucky enough to have had 2 clear scans since then.  However, I’ve heard it said that radiation damages DNA, and something weird has happened that I can only put down to the radiotherapy.

Before treatment I used to love eating bananas, pineapple and grapes.  Since a child I had found that oranges would make me feel sick or even upchuck.  Dot would eat an orange every day and tried without success to get me to do the same (sometimes the kid just ‘knows’), and as a teenager and adult had really wanted nothing more to do with them!  Indeed, on one of my food allergy tests it was noted of my intolerance not only to cow’s milk, but also to oranges.  I couldn’t even drink fresh orange juice, as it would sit in my stomach like a tonne of concrete.

During radiotherapy, every kind of foodstuff tasted of salt except crisps and bacon.  I usually hate salty food, but last year ate copious amounts of crisps and bacon sandwiches, because they were the only foods that tasted like they were supposed to taste.

Fast forward to now, and I don’t eat crisps or bacon anymore as I don’t like salty food.  However, I have also found that I cannot eat bananas, pineapple or grapes, as they burn my throat on the inside.  Instead I have recently had a craving for oranges!  I started off buying easy-to-peel tangerines, which went down the little red lane a treat.  Confused as to why I didn’t feel sick, I ate more of them and even took them to work as a snack.  The craving for a big orange didn’t go though, and on last week’s shopping list after 37 years of marriage was the addition of 3 large oranges (Sam doesn’t eat them as he finds peeling them too messy).  I can still eat all berries too, which is good.

Today I screwed up enough courage to peel a lovely round orange that has been sitting in my fridge.  I couldn’t wait to eat it, whereas before even the smell of an orange would have put me off!  Sam agreed to eat it if I couldn’t, but to be quite honest it hardly touched the sides.  Weird eh?  All my life I have skirted around oranges, but now I wake up craving the buggers! And I didn’t feel sick!

My hair has re-grown at the back of my head, but it’s as curly as it ever was.  No change there then, but oh my, I cannot believe how my preference for certain fruits has changed!