Authors can share their short stories (less than 2000 words please) or poetry up until 27th March, and it won’t cost you a penny!  The stories or poems can be on any subject, but please keep them reasonably family friendly.  On 31st March I will pick the winning story and a runner-up, and share the links in my newsletter and on my Facebook and Twitter pages.  Please ensure that you add your story to the Comments section of the current month’s submission page and not any previous month, or it may be missed. 

I look forward to reading your efforts.  The winner and runner-up will receive a laurel to add to their story:


Here’s a little poem from me:

WALKING IN SUFFOLK – copyright Stevie Turner 201

Ditches and rivers

And fields again born,

Pheasants and ducklings,

A motherless fawn,

Trees bare of leaves

As they wait for the sun,

Walking in February’s mist…


Footpaths and puddles

And mud on the roads,

Drive, but look out for

Those amorous toads,

Trying to find

That pond they left behind.


Dog-walkers wear Barbour

To keep out the cold,

I pass them and smile a bit,

They carry bags of dog shit.

Some mutts aren’t on leads

I prefer it if no dogs are freed.


The cawing of rooks

In tall poplar trees

Not wanting to be ‘bombed’

As I walk underneath.

Sheep, country folks,

Hedges and oaks,

Watch out for the bullock,

Whilst walking in Suffolk.