Here’s this week’s subject:

In years gone by, clothing stores, makeup manufacturers and the like have only used models with those perfect bodies and skin to show us their products. How do you feel about this? Would you like to see “real” people in ads?

I used to read dreadful stories of size zero models starving themselves on a lettuce leaf all day.  We all know that the average size of a woman today is size 14, and to me it just didn’t make sense that these models were forced to curb hunger pangs just so that they could parade up and down the catwalk in clothes that wouldn’t fit the majority of women anyway.  Okay, they were paid well for their trouble, but given the future health issues they might have been storing up, I would rather have seen more curvier models.  Some of them never looked very well at all.  Also, who in their right minds would have walked about in the strange clothes they were modelling?

I think it’s different now, and we do see older models and also less stick-thin models too, so times are changing for the better in the fashion world.

As regards skin products, it’s farcical that they show younger women with no wrinkles to advertise anti-wrinkle cream.  Do the manufacturers think the public are stupid?  We need to see middle-aged women in the adverts who have been around a few years!  However, as there is yet no cure for wrinkles, what’s the point of advertising it anyway?  Good old Aqueous cream has worked well for me for years.  It’s less than £5 per tub, and it moisturises the skin better than any overpriced cream can ever do.  I’ve got a few wrinkles, but hey, who cares?

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