I just thought I’d give you a bit of a laugh and show you the kind of words I have to deal with and have to figure out in my job as a medical secretary.  When the words are spoken by somebody with a heavy accent, it makes it all the more ‘interesting’!  All I can say is … thank goodness for Google.

I work in the Eye Clinic, and I must say that Eyes seem to have more medical terminology than any department I’ve ever worked in.  Here below is an example of what’s coming at me through the headphones.  It’s a nightmare when you start in a new department, because each department has its own terminology and what’s worse… you don’t know any of it.  Over a period of time you  get to learn what each word means, although as yet I haven’t been there long enough to get by without my trusty Google!

  1. YAG capsulotomy.
  2. Fluorescein angiography.
  3. Vitelliform macular dystrophy.
  4. Van Herick Grading.
  5. Uhthoff’s Phenomenon.
  6. Tarso-conjunctival diamond.
  7. Telangiectasia.
  8. Pseudoexfoliation.
  9. Posterior capsular opacification.
  10. Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome.
  11. Crocodile shagreen megalocornea & corectopia (my favourite!).
  12. Conjuntivochalasia.
  13. Exophthalmometry.
  14. Idiopathic polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy.
  15. Iridotrabecular meshwork contact.
  16. Lagophthalmos.

I love words!  Aren’t they wonderful!