Just read a fascinating and well-researched blog by Lara Starr at Tetribe.net   (there didn’t seem to be any way of re-blogging it unfortunately) regarding the 15% of the population who have Rh negative blood.  I just so happen to be one of those people (I am O negative).

People with Rh positive blood can be traced back to Rhesus monkeys, but us negatives cannot. I do believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, but negatives cannot be traced back to anywhere else in nature. So did we come from a different ancestor (my mother always joked that I was an alien child!)?  Ms Starr’s blog states that some people think Rh negatives are the survivors of Atlantis.  Hmm… I don’t know about that – perhaps that’s why I’m not keen on being on the sea!

Us Rh negative mothers can produce a first baby, which always has the same blood group as us, but we cannot produce subsequent children without medical help.  After my first baby was born I had to have a ‘Gamma D’ injection to stop me making antibodies and aborting further babies who might have had Sam’s Rh positive blood group.  Ms Starr states that this is because Rh negatives and Rh positives are like two different species which cannot cross breed.

I read on the blog that the Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh negative blood.  A cousin of mine once researched the family tree on my father’s side of the family (I have the same blood group as my mother, although I do not know if my father was Rh negative too).  About three generations back was the very Spanish-sounding name of one of my ancestors.  From childhood to this day I have always been fascinated by Spanish music, especially Flamenco guitarists and dancers.

Also written on the blog was a list of 22 characteristics of people with Rh negative blood.  I have 12 of those characteristics:

  1.  A feeling of not belonging.
  2. Truth seeker.
  3. Sense of a ‘mission’ in life.
  4. Empathy and compassion for mankind.
  5. ESP ability.
  6. Love of space and science.
  7. More sensitive vision and other senses.
  8. Increased psychic/intuitive ability.
  9. Predominantly blue, green or hazel eyes (mine are hazel).
  10. Increased sensitivity to heat and light (you can say that again!).
  11. Experience strange unexplained phenomenon.
  12. Psychic dreams.

Type O negative keeps on striving until they achieve their goals, and are loyal.  Yes, I am both of those, but perhaps I am also an aberration of nature!  Also I can stop wristwatches with ease by just wearing them.

Where did I come from?

Do check out Ms Starr’s blog if you have a minute.

Fascinating, eh?