Thanks to all below for their information and advice for authors.  I’m having a break from the Internet and am off to the van today, so apart from a scheduled Blog Hop on Monday, I will see you all again on Tuesday when I’ll be picking the short story winner for March.  x

1.  Janice Hardy on Jean M. Cogdell’s blog regarding security for your Amazon account:

You need to double your Amazon security

2.  Lara Willard for this info on formatting your manuscript:

Formatting your Novel Manuscript

3.  Nicholas C. Rossis for this info on increasing your Amazon ranking:

4.  Erica Verrillo on how to edit your own manuscript:

5.  Joel Friedlander gives 15 reasons why your book isn’t selling:

6.  Rachel Poli gives 23 places to promote your blog:

23 Places To Promote Your Blog Posts

7.  Aliventures for these 7 ways to promote a self-published book:

8.  The Uncensored Writer for 10 things learned from successful writers:

9.  Lisa Tener for these tips on gaining great book reviews:

9.  Richard Risemberg on judging a book by its cover:

How People Judge a Book By Its Cover

10.  Last but not least, Tina Frisco with tips and tricks for authors:

Tips and Tricks


There will be no Roundup on Good Friday.