Have you had your cholesterol level tested? Thanks to Sally Cronin for this info.

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In the last few weeks I have been looking at two of the major organs in the body. The brain and the heart. There has been a focus in the last 10 years on reducing heart disease and the first line for that focus has been reducing cholesterol. In fact one of the suggestions made by the health service is that all men over 50 and many women should be put on Statins to reduce not just the unhealthy cholesterol but the healthy kind.

As you will see in this post.. that would appear to be rather extreme considering the role that cholesterol plays in the body.

Cholesterol – An essential substance our bodies need

I respect and manage my cholesterol levels because without it there are certain vital functions in my body that would not happen.

I am rather attached to my steroidal hormones, including the sterol Vitamin D…

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