Thanks to the following authors and bloggers below for their useful tips for writers.  I’m over at the ‘van’ now, and hopefully Sam will be setting up a computer really soon so that I can answer any comments.  If not, I will see you all again on Tuesday:

1. Writer Mom Life for this article on stacking free promotions to replicate BookBub:

2.  Kristen Lamb for her blog on cultivating a writing platform:

3.  A Writer’s Path on how to become a great author:

How to Become a Great Author

4.  Behind the Willows with their guide to reviewing books:

Book Bee’s Step by Step Guide to Reviewing Books

5.  Jacqui Murray on these query writing tips from agents:

16 Query Tips From Agents

6.  L.M Nelson on how to become a better writer:

7.  Kristen Lamb on writing a synopsis:

8.  Amy Collins for this blog on POD book costs:

9.  Charles Harris for this blog on breaking the rules of writing:

Guest Post | 6 Top Tips for Breaking the Rules of Writing and Living to Tell the Tale (by Charles Harris)

10.  Jem’s Books for this blog on reviewing books on Goodreads:

11.  Jean M. Cogdell for this info on using images:

How to prevent social media ignoring your images

12.  It’s still free until tomorrow.  Thank you A.C Flory:

13.  Kristina Stanley with advice on beta reading:

Why, When and How to Beta your Book.