This week’s blog topic is to write about our top five junk foods or our top five healthy snacks.

I was fortunate enough to have had my tastes in foodstuffs ingrained before the explosion in junk food towards the end of the 1970s when I was already a young adult.  My mother Dot read a lot and knew all about the effect of certain foods on the body when I was still a child.  By the time McDuff’s opened their first store over this side of the pond, Dot had been serving me with good nutritious stews and casseroles, low fat dinners, and lots of fish and vegetables for nigh on 18 years.  I had also been on the receiving end of hundreds of lectures by Dot on the dangers of overeating and junk food – snippets of these lectures went like this:

  • I must always have a green vegetable or two on my plate.
  • I do not need to eat more than 3 biscuits at a time.
  • I must never cook with solid fat such as lard, as it will collect around my arteries and stop me from getting up out of a chair.
  • Sugary foods are junk and will do me no good at all.
  • If I ate white bread I might as well eat the wrapper it came in, for maybe the wrapper might have some goodness in it.
  • I need to give my stomach a rest in-between three good meals a day.

Did I listen to all these instructions? Did I heck!  As a child I spent my pocket money on bags of sweets just like any other kid.  My one love was sitting on my front step reading a comic and eating a bag of chocolate buttons.  I only listened as I became older and realised that what my mother had drummed into me actually made sense.  As I said above, my favourite junk food as a kid was chocolate buttons, but now I don’t eat sweets at all (I can’t – if you’ve had radiotherapy to the neck you’ll realise why) and I haven’t eaten chocolate for about 23 years.  However, I do like a piece of lemon cake – preferably one piece a day!

I tend to like fruit in-between meals, especially an orange in-between breakfast and lunch, and an apple in-between lunch and dinner.  I’ll have a piece of cake in the evening before bed, and that’s it really.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, hate sitting for hours in restaurants being presented with course after course (it’s one of my worst nightmares), and don’t really think about food much unless I’m hungry.  I hate cooking, and every evening dislike stopping writing and having to go into the kitchen to prepare a meal.  My one desire would be to afford to have a cook that would prepare me wonderful dairy-free dinners and then wash up afterwards!

What do you like to eat as a snack? Click on the link below to discover what other blog hoppers’ like to eat.

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