Following on from yesterday’s post on the Royal Wedding, I’ve noticed over the years how wedding dresses have changed from modest creations such as the one I wore on my wedding day back in October 1980.  The top half of my dress finished at the neck, and there was not a heaving cleavage in sight (not that I’ve got one anyway, thankfully).  The dress itself has been sitting gathering dust in my loft for nearly 38 years and it’s a bit yellowed, but here it is:


The last time I wore this was when it was pristine white and I was 22.  It’s a bit sad to see it in this kind of ‘Miss Havisham’ state, but needs must for this blog…

Anyway, to get back to the point, nowadays I never see any wedding dresses that finish at the neck.  Quite a lot of today’s brides seem to have mounds of wobbling flesh busting out over ‘dresses’ with bodice tops that would be better served as an undergarment.  Is this kind of dress suitable for a church wedding, or am I just old-fashioned?  In some foreign countries I’ve been to, all shoulders must be covered if you enter a church.

I’ve seen people’s wedding photos where the bride and bridesmaids are all well-rounded (to put it mildly) and I’ve had to nod and smile and make the right comments while inwardly feeling quite revolted by the sight of all the flesh on display.  I would love to know what vicars think when they’re trying to do their job and there’s a pair of huge bazoomas in front of them!

The wedding dress I did like at the time was Kate Middleton’s, now the Duchess of Cambridge, whose modest V neckline and simple style was so elegant.  Meghan too had a very stunning dress, although as I said previously I didn’t think much of the ‘boat’ shaped neckline.

When did this horrible fashion for wedding dresses with no proper tops to them begin?  If you look at photos of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress in the 1950s or as I stated above – Kate Middleton’s more recently, there’s no dresses these days to compare with them.  I know they cost a fortune, but their style could be copied quite cheaply.  They both had lovely lacy sleeves, no bare shoulders, and they were MODEST!!  Everything was covered up, just as it should be.

What do you think?  Should wedding dresses reveal acres of female flesh, or should modesty prevail?