I don’t really agree with most of this video. A lot (not all, of course) of writers are by nature introverted and prefer their own company to socialising . Give me the choice of a noisy party where I have to make small talk all night with people I don’t know and the alternative of a quiet room to write in, and I would definitely choose the latter.

Yes, we write because we want to be heard and appreciated, but it’s not because we’re lonely. Even if we do manage to write something and put it out there on social media, in reality who is reading it? I’d say it’s usually other authors who feel obliged to be glued to social media all day so that their own voices can be heard. It’s all white noise, as I’ve already said in my previous blog. Everybody’s trying to say something all at the same time. It’s like a room full of people all talking, with nobody listening!

I have just come across this video that I find very interesting to watch:

And my personal opinion is:

I think the key should be trying to reach balance between these moments we need to spend alone reflecting on life. which leads to writing (also reading– love that!–, reading and writing feed each other), and with other moments spent with people in conversation, socialising. At least that is what I try to do. Then there are also poetry and creative writing meetings and open mics where we can share with others and learn from each other. Why do we have so much loneliness and isolation in our current society? Simple, the global capitalist model has killed our time with the too long working hours and the overuse of technologies. Current job requirements and city building plans separate people too much. In countries like the U.S. families live miles away from…

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