Thanks to all those below for these tips for authors and bloggers:

1.  Erica Verrillo for these 40 no-fee calls for submissions:

2.  Mobidea with these 9 Facebook advertising tips:

3. Kristen Lamb with these 7 self-editing tips:

4.  Cheri Lucas Rowlands writes about setting up a one-page website:

5.  Connie Jasperson / Life in the Realm of Fantasy writes about setting up your author blog:

Creating your Author Blog part 1 #amwriting

6.  Alison Maruska for these editing tips:

3 Easy Cuts To Make When You Start Editing

7.  Jane Friedman with these 6 reasons to re-launch your book:

8.  Eldonna Edwards on Anne R. Allen’s blog regarding traditional/indie publishing:

9.  Don Massenzio on indie or traditional publishing:

Indie or Traditional – How does an author pick the right direction?

10.  Thanks to Emily Nemchick for these editing tips regarding consistency:

Editing Tip: Common Consistency Errors You Might Be Making

11. The Magic Violinist on how to write a YA novel:

12. Thanks to Chris McMullen for this KDP Print versus CreateSpace comparison:

KDP Print vs. CreateSpace (Comparing the Little Details)

13.  Thanks to Mostly for this info on promoting a book on Goodreads: