Enjoyed this interview of Janice Spina, who apart from writing her many books, is very supportive of Indie authors.

The Croak 500

I am thrilled to be here today, Rhonda. This is a wonderful opportunity to share a little about myself and my books. Thank you!

 When did you first start writing Children’s books?

I have been writing poetry since nine years old and started writing children’s books when I was in my twenties. The first one I wrote was a fairy tale which I will be publishing this year. I put it on the back burner until many other books were completed.

I became published at the young age of 65 and haven’t looked back. I hope to continue as long as God allows me the creativity and good health.

You hardly ever see husband and wife writer/ illustrators.  How did you and your husband begin?

After I retired in 2010 I needed an illustrator for my first book, Louey the Lazy Elephant. When I canvassed the internet for…

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