The topic this week is:

What language have you always wanted to learn? Do you think you will try?

Many years ago (try 45?) when I was in school I enjoyed learning French, although I was taught by somebody who was English.   I even had a French pen friend at one point and tried out my halting French on him.  He replied in terrible English, but we corresponded every now and then for a couple of years until it fizzled out.

When I reached the Fifth Year at school (15/16 years old) we had a native French speaker come to visit our class so that we could all try out our French conversation skills.  However, because we had been taught by an English person, none of us could understand a word she said.  She spoke terribly fast and with an accent obviously native to her part of the world.  To add to this calamity she couldn’t understand much of our South London vernacular either.  We named her the ‘Flog a Dead Horse’ lady.

A few years ago Sam and I visited friends, Jean and Roy,  who now live permanently in France.  Jean has picked up the lingo quite well, but Roy hasn’t.  I found that I could understand some of the language when Jean spoke it to the locals, but couldn’t understand their reply.  It seems to me that you need to be taught by a native if you want to understand what is being said, or perhaps live in your country of choice for a long, long while!

I would still like to learn French, but don’t know any native French speakers.  I think that’s the only way I’ll ever learn that particular language.

Let’s see which language other blog-hoppers would have liked to learn:

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