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I’ve just been informed that my book ‘A Rather Unusual Romance’ has been shortlisted for ReadFree.ly’s Book of the Month.  Apart from mine there are another 5 books on the shortlist.  The winner will receive a review from ReadFree.ly.

Here’s the link if you’d like to vote for my book.  All votes greatly appreciated!  Thank you.


Erin Mason, divorced and with two teenage sons, finds her world begins to fall apart when she undergoes what is termed a “life event”, and is diagnosed with cancer. Not too far away somebody else, Alan Beaumont, is also suffering a similar fate. Their paths slowly come together in this inspiring and humorous tale which is partly based on actual events, and shows how love can flourish in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Here’s a 5 star review from Arlena Dean:

May 25, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Title: A Rather Unusual Romance
Author: Stevie Turner
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five
Review:”A Rather Unusual Romance” by Stevie TurnerMy thoughts…

This was one of those reads that I was a little not sure about reading due to its subject matter but I will say I am so glad that it did read it. The story really presents finding love after both of the main characters had health issues. How the author was able to give the readers a read that will capture your heartstrings, offering even some humor that seem to helped balance it all out was simply well done. It was definite that these two people were in need of someone who would understand just what they’re going through. With Erin and Alan having this same aliment [‘life event’] made their story really look at this picture where the reader could see just what was happening for each other as they went through this ordeal together. Will they find love? How will each of their children take to the newness in each of their parents new life? I don’t think that Erin’s ex should have have had anything to say one way or the other due to what he had done. To get all of this story the reader will have to pick up this extremely good read and see how well this author gives such a well written story that definitely shows ‘how love can flourish even in the unlikeliest of circumstances.’ There was really something about this read that I really liked! Would I recommend? YES!