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Countless times I have read the same thing – I as a self-published author must engage with readers.

This is common sense, and it does not take the brains of a rocket scientist to work out that it’s readers who will buy my books.  However, the way to go about this procedure is usually left tantalisingly out of reach just around the corner.  I’ve yet to read about a genuine strategy that doesn’t cost the earth and promises to connect authors with readers.

Here is another issue self-published authors face:  When it seems the whole world population has written a book or twelve, how does one actually go about finding readers that are not authors? 

We as Indie authors have a tricky problem in that our books are not usually on the shelves of large bookstores for the reading public to peruse.  Therefore we tend to have to part with money in order to advertise our books and hopefully get them to stand out above the rest.  I’ve tried this in the past, and much money has to be parted with in order to make a few sales.  It’s not economically viable.  Then I know I will be bombarded with emails ad infinitum to sign up for this or that promotional package, all costing an arm or a leg.

You need reviews, because reviews help sell your books … say the many writing advisors.  To further add to the depressing picture, the few bloggers I’ve come across who are just readers are usually swamped with books and are not interested in reading and reviewing any more, even if the book is free.  They have ‘book overload’.

You need to be active on social media… also say the sagacious.  I am so active it’s taking over my writing time, but again, it’s authors I am connecting with who are all trying to find the same pot of gold as I am … those dastardly elusive readers.

So… here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to be pro-active and make the readers come to me, in droves.  Dear reader, all you have to do in the comments below is please leave an email address or a link to your website if you are open to submissions.  Oh, and perhaps you’d also better say which genre you prefer to read.  I can then begin engaging with you in the way I’m supposed to.   Simple isn’t it?  Why didn’t I think of this before?

I’m holding out my 18 contemporary fiction (women’s fiction/ suspense and darkly humorous) books and standing well back, so that I’m not knocked over by the rush …