I thought I’d carry on from yesterday’s blog and put forward my idea for a Verified Purchase Review group on Facebook, as readers who are not authors seem to be in very short supply in the Indie book world (non-existent?).  Here are the proposed rules in a nutshell:

1.  If you want to take part (you can wait for the next buying thread if you want), reduce the price of your book to $0.99 /£0.99 on Amazon US and UK for 5 days and post a link to it on the new buying thread on Facebook within a 5 day deadline.  You can also advertise it as a reduced price book as you normally would, so you may even get more sales!

2.  Buy the (reduced price) book of the author in the post before yours in the buying thread before the same 5 day deadline is up, so I know when to end the thread and then the first person will know to review the last book.  Reply to the post of the author whose book you have bought with the order number.

3.  Read and post your review within a 6 week deadline on your Amazon home site and on Goodreads.  Leave another reply to the Facebook post of the author whose book you have reviewed with a link to the review you’ve written.

If there are enough members, then I can have separate buying threads for different genres.  Only leave a comment if you would like to join, and then I’ll know if it’s worth doing or not.


Sounds like a good plan?  What do you think?  We might then have turned ourselves into readers as well as authors!