Here’s this week’s topic:

Let’s talk wardrobe. Do you gravitate to one color? What is your go to style? What shoes do you prefer?

When I was a teenager I followed fashion trends of course, whether they suited me or not.  I clumped about in dreadful platform soled shoes and bellbottom trousers that made my legs resemble two barrage balloons.  All my clothes ended up as a jumble on the floor of my bedroom in direct opposition to my mother Dot, whose clothes were hung up in a meticulous colour co-ordinated way with all the tops of the hangers facing inwards.

Fast forward a few more years to when I was a young mother.  My days were so busy and we didn’t have much money.   I lost all interest in clothes and even felt guilty if I bought any.  The interest never really came back, although if I had the choice I would gravitate towards the bohemian style.  I hate handbags, my rucksack goes everywhere with me, and I like tassels and fringes.  Here’s my favourite festival jacket:

Isle of Wight festival 2012 003.jpg

Usually I just wear jeans (jeggings) and tops or shorts and tops, according to the weather.  I have a great tee-shirt with fringes on that my grandchildren try and pull off. If it’s a work day it’ll be tailored trousers and a blouse or a dress.  I still don’t have much interest in clothes and never follow fashion trends anymore.  I’m of a certain age,  therefore ‘invisible’, and funnily enough I’m glad to be that way.  I buy what suits me and what I feel comfortable in.  I tend to favour black and white for work.  Out of work my wardrobe is a riot of colour, but I tend to be rather conservative in the workplace.

As for shoes, I could never get on with heels and tended to fall over or end up with my ankles giving way.  Flatties are me, and ever will be.  Trainers or flat sandals or sensible flatties for work.  I don’t really care that I can’t wear heels!

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