The farmers are now having to feed their cattle on stored winter feed because the grass has stopped growing in our current 6- week UK heatwave.  I think our garden is going to need new turves too; I haven’t mowed the lawn for weeks.  On a walk around the village tonight it looked like autumn with thousands of leaves already on the ground, and those on the trees drying up and looking withered.  The land is parched.  We’re getting rumors of damaged harvests – that means prices will go up in supermarkets.

We’re on an ‘amber heat weather alert‘ at the moment.  Staff in the Eye Clinic where I work are complaining of the heat.  There is no air-conditioning, and any cooling fans are ‘going walkabout’.  The actual clinic area is unbelievably hot.  When I walked back to where my car was parked yesterday, the thermometer read 35 degrees Centigrade.

We Brits aren’t used to this hot weather, and it’s getting beyond a joke.  Countries used to hot weather more than likely have air-con installed in public buildings at least, but hey, don’t expect it everywhere if you visit the UK.  There are a few places with air-con it’s true, but many hotel rooms for instance do not.  There’s also the frustrating experience of trying to get some fresh air through a hotel window that only opens a few inches ‘for your safety’ (my arse- it’s because they don’t want to be sued if you jump out and kill yourself).

Sam and I are lucky in that our eldest son started his career as an air-con engineer.  Pride of place on the wall in our front room is an air-con unit busting its gasket at the moment trying to keep us cool.   As we walk upstairs we can feel the heat rise, and it’s most unpleasant….

At least I don’t have to work outside.  I felt terribly sorry for the chaps tarmacking our drive a fortnight ago – they were really struggling in the heat.  One looked as though he was going to collapse any minute.

And amongst this arid wasteland you see people sneaking out in the evenings and watering their lawns with hosepipes and sprinklers.  Are you mad?  There’s probably going to be a water shortage very soon and you’re wasting it all watering bloody grass that will most likely grow back with a soaking of rain!  Farmers yes of course have to water their crops and they’re entitled to, but householders, have a modicum of sense!  Perhaps they don’t remember the standpipes in the street in London in 1976 like I do- they’ll soon start complaining if they have to queue up with a bucket…