This morning I waved goodbye to our two granddaughters, as  Sam drove them off to board the ferry back to the mainland.  Yes, Stevie is staying at the van in blissful peace for a few days.  Sam will return when he finishes work for the weekend.  It’s 27 degrees Centigrade, and here is the view I have over the English Channel from my bedroom window as I write this:


What a difference it’s been to when we were on holiday with our boys.  Every morning there was an earnest debate between the two girls (ages 13 and 11) as to whether a top matched a pair of shorts or not.  Our boys would grab the first pair of trousers and tee-shirt out of the wardrobe without even looking at it, but the girls’ clothes had to be just right before they would even consider wearing them.

Then came the worried looks as  Sam wheeled the kayak down to the sea.  The boys would have leapt in and paddled off without a thought, but the girls were more cautious until they got the hang of it.  When we went to the supermarket the girls automatically helped load the shopping onto the conveyor belt and then helped put it into bags, but I don’t remember the boys ever helping at all – they were too busy skidding along the supermarket floor.

Looking after kids full-time is a great responsibility and there’s no let-up.  We feel privileged that our son and his wife trust us with their two treasures, and I made sure the girls did not go into the sea unless Sam was with them. Sam is a very strong swimmer but I have two arms that could be likened to a couple of boiled spaghetti strings.  Sometimes it’s an advantage to be male!

The first calamity has already happened.  I gave a sigh of happiness as I sat down on the decking with my Kindle and a sandwich.  About half an hour later…

I was stung by a wasp.

Now I’m a very allergic person, as regular readers of my blog might have gathered.  A bad reaction can cause my throat to swell up, necessitating a quick trip to A&E for IV steroids and anti-histamines.  As soon as the wasp stung I felt my neck tightening.  Oh dear… Sam had gone with the car and the other vans around me were empty.  Luckily I’d had the forethought to pack steroid tablets and anti-histamines for an occasion such as this.  I quickly downed 2 Prednisolones and a Piriton and hoped for the best.  Luckily there was only a tightening which didn’t get any worse.  Thank goodness!  I decided not to mention it to Sam, as he’d be back on the next ferry.

I feel like a cat that’s lost one of its nine lives…!