The good thing about being on the Island by myself is that there’s plenty of time for reading, as due to the heat I can only exercise early morning and in the evening. Today I sat on the decking and finished ‘Slivers of Life’, by Beem Weeks, a collection of 20 short thought-provoking and imaginative stories.  There’s life and death tales, coming-of-age, poignant memories, and even other-worldly stories.

My favourites were ‘When Jesus Left Birmingham’, which focuses on a young boy questioning his faith in God, ‘The Distance’, an imaginative story regarding whether or not reincarnation is possible, and ‘Big Foot was my Father‘, a boy’s fond memory of his father from childhood.

One question I’d love to ask:

Mr Weeks, are any of these stories based on your own experiences?

Well written and edited –  I give five stars for this excellent read.