I thought I’d share a great 4 star review for Mind Games which I’ve just received from Jamie Michele, a Readers’ Favorite reviewer.



‘Mind Games by Stevie Turner is a contemporary fiction story about a troubled marriage between Frances Andrews and her husband, Martin. Martin struggles with an uncontrollable and invasive pornography addiction, one which Frances can no longer work to overcome. With a foot out the door and their marriage over, Martin makes a last ditch effort to keep his wife from leaving him and is able to coerce a reluctant Frances into marriage guidance therapy. At the behest of the counselor, the pair takes a vacation together on a cruise ship in an effort to salvage what’s left of their marriage and their lives.

Mind Games by Stevie Turner is an insightful read into an addiction that many don’t even know exists. Martin’s reliance on pornography has destroyed his relationship with Frances, and Turner holds nothing back as the unraveling is told through the points of view of both husband and wife. I found this formula to be fantastic in offering a peek into the psychology of a man who simply cannot control his fixation and a woman who simply cannot take it anymore. For me, it was Martin who was the most intriguing, even when I desperately wanted to shake him until some sense was knocked into him. But that wouldn’t have worked because, like all addictions, his is – first and foremost – an illness. I’d recommend Mind Games to anyone interested in a book that could be easily devoured in a single setting, but with enough complexity to make its condensed form interesting. ‘