Recently I’ve been experimenting with my books’ pricing and whether they are included in Kindle Unlimited or not.  I left the most popular ones in the KU programme: – A House  Without Windows, Revenge, The Daughter-in-law Syndrome, and A Marriage of Convenience.  Another popular one, No Sex Please, I’m Menopausal! I took out of KU in order to share it on several digital channels through Draft2Digital, along with all my other books which are not in the KU programme.

Regards pricing, my popular books on Amazon I left at $3.50 and all the others were a little cheaper.   I matched all the prices on Draft2Digital too, except for The Pilates Class, which I made permanently free.  Yes, there have been more downloads of The Pilates Class, but No Sex Please, I’m Menopausal! is not far behind.

KU gives readers the chance to sample a few chapters.  Interestingly the most popular of my books are still the $3.50 ones that are in the KU programme.  It appears that readers do not necessarily opt for the cheaper books.

Today for some strange reason Amazon removed all my books from the KU Programme, even though I hadn’t removed them on Kindle Direct Publishing.  ACX sent me an email to say that my audiobooks have been removed from the KU programme. Has anybody else found this to be the case today?

Anyway, I’m seriously considering putting all my books back on KU!  What about you?