This week’s topic:

What’s the best purchase you ever made and why?

It has to be my wonderful old rucksack, now recently jettisoned for a new model.  I can’t even remember where I originally bought it or when.   I first started wearing it around 2005 for festivals, but eventually used it all the time in place of handbags (I hate handbags) until my granddaughter told me it was getting too tatty.  Here’s a side view of it back in 2010 at the Download festival at Donnington.  Yeah, it was bloody cold that day…

Download 2010 87.JPG

The rucksack was just the right size, and had loads of little pockets and zip-up compartments.  My bottle of water fitted in neatly at the side, and any important paperwork or tickets went in the front.  Last year when the cancer came back I told Sam I wanted to be buried with it!  However, it’s now travelled off to a celestial festival somewhere, and I have a similar but non-tatty model.  It’s gone and I’m still here…

As an update to my blog-hopper friend Aurorawatcherak’s  article about her poncho, here’s the ‘honcho’ that I talk about, which was another good buy:


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