Some of Anita’s childhood memories are similar to mine. I didn’t have the will-power to resist Mrs Rosenblatt’s warm bread, and there were always chunks out of it by the time I arrived home! I remember buying raspberry flavoured ‘Jubblys’ from the sweet shop on the way home from school, and Dad rowing me around the island in the middle of the boating lake in Victoria Park. Happy days.

Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie

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Mr Edwards ran the baker shop not far from where we lived, and Mum would often send me for a fresh loaf, warm in my arms, smelling like heaven.

All the way home it was so hard not to take a bite. I did once and that was enough. The best thing for us kids was the fish and chip shop. If we took in an armful of newspapers, we could walk home eating a free bag of chips.

On hot days, we could get a cold drink from Mr Tom’s sweet shop. He offered one-penny drinks or a small one for a halfpenny. When you had been running around, it was better than popping indoors for a drink of water, for Mum would ask why was I so hot, and what had I been doing. Spending that halfpenny was best.

It was always easy to come…

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