I thought I’d share the occasion recently when I went to a medium for a private reading.  I am determined to convince Sam that there is life after death, and so took a recording device so I could play back to him exactly what was said (it would have cost double for him to go along too).  I had seen her before in 2012, and she had been very accurate then.

She still had my details from six years ago, and this made me wonder if she had written down what was said before.  Immediately my aunt June came through, whom the medium had mentioned in the previous encounter.  The flowers that I took June when I last saw her were mentioned too, as they had been in 2012.

This time the reading was a bit longer. Two grandfathers came in to say hello; they had both suffered with lung diseases, causing the medium to begin coughing.  They brought my mum with them, whom the medium said was not too old and had wanted to stay on the earth longer (she was 92 at the time of her death and had been ready to go for at least 5 years before!).  John, an unfortunate miscarriage at  about 8 weeks back in 1984 was also with them, his soul grown to adulthood.  Other mediums have mentioned him in the past as well, but had called him by a different name.

There was  also a Ted or Ed and a George.  I have no idea who they might be.  To add to the growing crowd, a Dalmatian and black cat had appeared too, but I surmised they must belong to Ted, Ed or George,  because I certainly hadn’t known them during their lifetimes as we’re not very pet orientated.

Cards were shuffled too, and the ‘important’ ones turned over.  Apparently I was going to earn quite a lot of money through my own efforts, but I had to put in the hard work first.  And get this… I was going to acquire a lover!  There sat the ‘Lovers’ card before my eyes, depicting two bodies entwined.  Good God, I’m nearly 61 and have been married 39 years – I almost snorted with laughter at the thought of it!   However, the medium did get it right in that I’m intuitive, have a gentle nature and am physically weak, but am very mentally strong.

There was an ‘ST – Stephen?  Stuart?’  I replied that it was probably Stevie.  The medium looked confused.

Sam was waiting outside and woke up a bit on hearing that a lover was on the cards.  He asked who he might be, and I informed him quite truthfully that I hadn’t the faintest idea.  I asked him whether he’d like to listen to the recording, but he declined and said the usual ‘It’s all a load of bollocks‘.  Oh well, one day I might convince him – however, after that particular visit I’m not very convinced myself actually!