I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, so just had to re-blog this post. I’m unsure if these are ghosts or not, but will leave you to make up your own minds!

My Paranormal Photography

Hello All! I have posted some photos here of some weird things that I have seen and caught on camera to share with you all! The first one here is of a sun ray that was coming through my window and shining on the wall while I was sitting in a chair watching tv. Low and behold my camera not being far away I captured it. It looked to me like an old black & white photo from back in the day. I hope you all can see what I see in this photo because I thought that it was pretty neat!!


This next one is of a what looked to be a shadow moving near a box that I was packing before i was to move.  To me it appeared as the shadow was throwing something in the box. I am not sure if it had planned on moving…

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