I always enjoy Mark Edwards’ thrillers. Great review!


This is the story of two sisters, Isabel (Izzy) and Jessica.  One dead, and one very much alive.

Jessica is still mourning the loss of Isabel who died when she fell from a balcony in her home five years ago.  Since she was drinking and had drugs in her system, the death was ruled an accident. Isabel was always the prettiest one, the smartest one, the one with so much going for her…  Jessica had always felt to be in the shadow of her older, more beautiful sister.

Now Jessica is married to Will, and the mother of ten-year-old Felix and four-year-old Olivia. The family live in the London suburb of Beckenham with their aging golden retriever, Caspar.

Since Izzy died just weeks after Jessica told her of her pregnancy with Olivia, her young daughter had never had the opportunity to meet her aunt Isabel.  Yet lately, Olivia has seemed…

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