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The book begins with the mysterious murder of DI David Snow’s colleague, mild-mannered Detective Jim Harris, killed by a strange injury to the head. Snow is determined to find his friend’s killer, and grudgingly accepts the help of Jim’s replacement, the enigmatic Ruth Winton, who has her own reasons for wanting to work with Snow. Ruth seems efficient at problem-solving, but Snow dislikes ‘Ruthless Winton’ for reasons he cannot seem to put a finger on.

Meanwhile, other deaths are occurring that Snow realises might be connected to his friend’s murder. Snow must work fast to catch the killer (or killers) before they strike again.

This book kept me turning the pages to the end, and I was interested enough to find out who had killed Jim Harris.  All the characters were nicely fleshed out too, and the tension built as I read on.   There were some minor editing errors however, and so I cannot give it a full 5 stars, but am happy to give the book 4.5 stars for an entertaining read.

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