Give a thought for those poor souls like me who are intolerant of fragrances every time you use a spray-on perfume or after shave before you go to work.  When combined with others’ perfumes/after shaves in a small room, the one who is fragrance intolerant has to go and stand outside in the fresh air and recover (can’t open a window because somebody is always cold).

Woke up this morning

Went to work after eating,

In the office where I sit

Unfortunately there was a meeting.

There am I trying to type

And all around me are women who are drenched

In some kind of awful perfume.

Good God what a stench!

In no time at all

My cheeks are burning

My throat is tightening

And my eyes are watering.

Nobody cares

That I am intolerant to fragrance,

Day after day

It’s the same old recurrence.

There’s nowhere else for me to sit,

I guess I’ve just got to put up with it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these gals

Could just wash with soap and water,

And give the essence of farmyard

No quarter.