Thanks to these authors and bloggers for the following writing tips:

1.  Simkesrb for these 21 mistakes that could doom your new ebook, and also some popular platforms to sell your ebook:

2.  Janice Wald with ways to start a profitable blog:

3.  MiddleMe with tips to make your content go viral:

7 Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

4.  Jean M. Cogdell with some tips on conversational writing:

How to avoid murdering your voice and boring the readers

5.  Chrys Fey with 5 tips for selling your book at an event on a budget:

6.  Kelsie Engen, with 3 tips she has learned from writing:

3 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned from Writing

7.  Hugh’s Views & News with 7 things to make your blog post stand out and get read:

7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Blog Posts Standout And Get Read

8.  Nicholas C. Rossis with more info regarding moving to KDP from CreateSpace:

And info on the closure of Google+:

9. Shawn Robinson for this info on vanity publishers:

10.  Erica Verrillo with 23 writing conferences in November:

11.  Paula Munier, with ten reasons your book will sell:

Top 10 Reasons Your Book Will Sell: An Agent’s Checklist Posted by Paula Munier